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David Breslow - Media Info

Who is David Breslow?

David Breslow, President of and Creator of The People's Choice Car of the Year Awards is also known as The Cartalk® Expert of TV & Radio.
  • The Cartalk® Expert of TV & Radio.
  • Experienced broadcaster, professional auto critic & auto-buying consultant.
  • David Breslow is a popular guest who has appeared on nearly 500 local and national television & radio shows.
  • Professional reporter with weekly televised Cartalk® segments on Fox Morning News in Los Angeles.
  • Cartalk® segments increased Fox News ratings an average of 33 percent.
  • David has advised the public on a wide range of automotive topics such as Road Test Reports, New Car Unveilings, Safe Driving Tips, Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs, Anti-Theft Protection Systems, and many other topics.
  • David’s topics include “Insider Information”, saving car buyers thousands of dollars, how to avoid being ripped off, which cars are hot and which ones are not. Glamorous features include Cars of the Stars, Your Dream Car Road Test and Your Day at the Racetrack.
  • Founder and President of, a professional car buying and leasing Consumer Service available Nationwide, has saved tens of thousands of car buyers thousands of dollars upon researching the absolute lowest price, lowest auto loan rate and monthly payment.
  • In 1998, David launched The People’s Choice Car of the Year Awards®, which allows the public to vote for their favorite new car in various categories and now the opportunity to win each award-winning vehicle.
  • Established and served as President of the California Association of Car Buying Services enacting legislation in California protecting consumers.
  • David is a member of the Motor Press Guild (an elite group of distinguished automotive journalists).
  • David Breslow - The Cartalk® Expert of TV & Radio

    An experienced broadcaster, professional auto critic and car buying consultant, David Breslow is known to millions of television viewers and radio listeners as The Cartalk® Expert.

    David has appeared as The Cartalk® Expert guest on nearly 500 television and radio programs both nationally and in Southern California, including Fox Morning News, CNN, KCBS, KNBC, KABC (both TV and talk radio), KGIL and KFOX.

    After co-hosting a weekly car show on KGIL radio station and hosting his own show on KFOX, David was asked to appear on Fox Morning News in Los Angeles as The Cartalk® Expert, where he produced regularly aired creative feature news segments. His informative, entertaining and music-driven segments increased Fox Morning News ratings an average of 33 percent on the days his segments aired.

    David has advised the public on a wide range of automotive topics such as Road Test Reports, New Car Unveilings, Safe Driving Tips, and many other topics relevant to today’s consumers.

    David’s topics also include “Insider Information” segments such as how to purchase new cars for less than dealer’s invoice cost, plus glamorous features that include Cars of the Stars, Your Day at the Racetrack, and Dream Car Road Test, where viewers pick their favorite exotic or luxury vehicle and actually co-star in a feature segment with David.

    David is also the Founder and President of, a professional new car buying and leasing Consumer Service designed to save consumers money and time when shopping for a new car. Tens of thousands of people Nationwide have used David’s company to obtain the absolute lowest price on their new vehicle, lowest financing rates and the lowest monthly payment. Through David’s service, buying a vehicle is as easy as ordering a pizza. Buyers order by phone and the vehicle is delivered to their home.

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    Consumer Service

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