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Our Car Buyers Save An EXTRA $3,064.96!

Actual Average Client Survey Results - Don't Overpay Dealers

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Client Surveys

Our Car Buyers Save An EXTRA $3,064.96! - Actual Average Client Survey Results

  • Avoid All Retail Car Salesmen, Sales Closers, Finance Managers and their Commissions
  • Don't be Fooled and Overpay Car Dealers!

We are the best Professional New Car and Truck Buying and Leasing Consumer Service, but you don�t have to take our word for it.

Below are actual Client Surveys, Letters and Thank You cards. Please click any name highlighted below to view.

 Jaie Avila - BMW
ABC Eyewitness News TV Reporter saved $1,600 on his latest vehicle, his third transaction with

 Brad and Laura Newman - Ford Pickup
"Outstanding Service" and has "purchased another vehicle through you."

 Chris Love - Chrysler
Saved $3,000. to $4,000. and would recommend us.

 Joseph Perri, Jr - Mercedes
"Special concern for totally satisfying the customer is greatly appreciated."

 Charlene Krell - Ford
"I was very pleased with your service" including the Trade-In Assistance Plan®.

 Gordon Riess - Toyota, sent us this nice thank you letter.
Saves Thousands. Bought two new cars in 30 days, 6 total with us!

 Bruce Bisenz - Jaguar
"I want to thank you...for your efficient service and for making a difficult process easy."

 Celeste Johnson - Lexus
Saved an additional "$6,000." in only "3 days."

 Eleni Sofocli - Chrysler
"Thank you for creating such a great idea, so that we do not have to deal with car salesmen."

 Ron Kenyon - Infiniti
A good negotiator, but still saved an additional $1,000. and has already referred us.

 Dorothy Collier - Honda
Referred by her son and sent a Thank You card, " I look forward to using your service again..."

 Roger Janis - Mercedes Benz
Ordered an all-new popular model and still saved another "$3,500."

 Sandi Keefe - Volvo and a Mitsubishi
Hollywood Celebrity Publicist sent this nice Thank You card for helping two family members.

 J. Scott Diquattro - Lexus
Sent e-mail letter "Definitely the best negotiation and experience I have ever had..."

 Enza Jolla - Nissan
Saved over $2,000.+ more using our Consumer Service.

 Julia Tudor-Goldwell - Toyota
Saved "$2,000" recently. Also used us 9 years ago.

 Mark Geiger - Audi
His second vehicle through us and states "Very satisfied, stayed in contact Always!"

 Alex Liston - Infiniti
Saved an additional $3,650. We asked how can we improve? "You're doing fine!"

 Stephen Schwartz - Toyota
Saved another "$50.00 per month" on a 48 month lease for a total of $2,400.

 Tara Corcoran-Clark - Toyota
Saved $2,200 and says "It was amazing! I will never buy a car the "old way" again!

 Gerald Lohrli - Ford, wrote us a personal letter of thanks.
"Answered all of my questions and stayed in close contact with me. Very Satisfied"

  Jami Ryah - Kia Saved $2,000
Says we're 'Very nice, professsional and attentive".

  Richard L. Jones - Lincoln Sport Utility
Saved $8,000. Thinks our service is "Super, very satisfied".

  Mel Bailey - GMC Yukon
Saved $12,000. "The experience was great, quick and perfect".

  Marcia Tardiff - Mercedes
Saved $7,000. "You were wonderful - excellent service"

  Nicole McNevis - Chrysler
Saved $700 on a lease and says the service was "great".

  Roseanne Anderson - Jeep
Saved $2,000 "Doesn't see any "need for improvement".

  Fred Cawcliffe - Honda
Saved $6,000 and tells us to "keep up the great service".

  Dan Gluck - Acura
Saved $2,300 says our Consumer Service is "As good as it gets!"

  Ashlyn Littman - Volkswagen
Saved "lots, everything was perfect".

  Daniel Ferraro - BMW
Saved over $5,200. Says we're "very helpful and understandoing".

  Jesse Noonan - Toyota
Saved $3,0000. Says "Great service".

  John Black - Honda
Saved $3,500. "I've used your service for many years", recommends us "all the time".

  Jack Faz - Nissan
Saved $1,500. Our Client for 15+ years, commends our patience, cordiality".

  Richard Gonzales - Honda
Saved $4,000. and says "Yes, no improvements", he'd recommend us!

  Nancy Addison - Acura
Saved $3,000. Thinks our staff is "Great".

  Erin Haley - Nissan
Saved $1,750, "Everything was great"

  Jim Damian - Infiniti
Saved $2,000 on a very rare model in big demand!

  Mildred White - Honda
Saved $1,465. Says "Keep up the good work - We need you!"

  Bonnie Weinberg - GMC
Saved "$112. per month!" on a 3 year lease for a total of $4,032.

  Jessica White - Toyota
Saved $1,200. in only "1 day, 6 hours" and says we have a "very good service".

  Bob Harley - Honda
Saved "$1,500++ " Leared about us on the "Internet" and says "Yes", he recommends us!

  Richard Johnson - Acura
Saved $3,595. Is a previous Customer and "Absolutely" recommends us!

  Sharquenia Robinson - Chevrolet
Saved "About $6,000. to $8,000", was "Referred by a friend" and "Yes", recomends us.

  Lois Brender - Mercedes Benz
Saved "$5,000. plus" and says "we're terrific!!!".

  John Doyle - Toyota
Saved $2,900. Says we should give our staff "a raise!"

  Rhonda Hauser - Acura
Saved "approximately $2,000." Learned about us on the "Internet" and recommends us.

  Bruce Burmash - Toyota
Saved "$3,794 Wow!" and says our service is "Great the way it is!".

  Steve Kieve - Mercedes Benz
Saved $7,500. Says we "did a super job!! Thank you."

  Naomi Romero - Mazda
Saved "$4,000 to $5,000 in only 1 1/2 days".

  Gray Pender - BMW
Saved $1,400 and is a repeat "former customer" who recommends us.

  Morgan Thomas - Honda
Saved $1,800. and is "completely satisfied".

  Michelle Arrington - Toyota
Saved $2,500. and says we're "wonderful".

  Charles Marchi - Honda
Saved $2,000. Recommends us and has "used us in the past"

  Harvey Weiss - Toyota
Saved $2,000. Is "Absolutely" satisfied and recommends us.

  Janet and John Cauffman - Buick
Saved $7,000 and says they "have used our service for years"!

  Elliott Halbert - Hyundai
Found our Consumer Service on the internet and saved $4,500.

  Jason Starr - Toyota
Saved an additional $2,000 and says "You guys are excellent".

  Wendy Broccardo - Ford
Saved "about $10,000!" Referred to us by a Client who has used us several times over two decades.

  Mike Dowell - Lexus
Saved "Close to $3,000" and "Can't think of anything" we could do to improve our Consumer Services.

  Bob Rosen - Toyota
A "20 year customer" who saved an additional "$4,000".

  Bonnie Weinberg - Ford
"My 4th car with you" and saved "approximately $4,000".

  Alexander Liston - Cadillac
Has "used us before" and says "keep up the good work" because he has always saved "a lot" of money!

  Maryann Chow - Mazda
Saved "$60.00/month" for a total of over $3,600 and says we "Couldn't be kinder and more considerate!"

  Keith Kang - Toyota
Was referred to us by his Pastor, who is also a Client of ours and has saved an additional "$1,700 - $2,000" on a hybrid.

  Evan Wahlstrom - Audi
Found us while doing an "Online search", saved an additional "$3,000" and is "Absolutely" satisfied.

  J. Hernandez - Honda
Saved an extra "$3,000" and would he recommend others to us? He tells us "Already have".

  David Laster - Toyota
"Yes" he is completely satisfied and saved an extra "$3,000."

  Phil Andresen - Nissan
Saved an additional "$2,000" on a 4 x 4 and "Yes" he does recommend our Consumer Service.

  L. Hemphill - Toyota
"Outstanding service and found the vehicle that we could not locate" and saved "$2,300".

  John Bordelon - Porsche
Saved "$4,000", finding us on the internet.

  Harvey Weiss - Toyota
Found us "On-line" and saved "$4,500".

  Irv Reifman - Lexus
A prior Client along with his family members and in "A few days" saved "over $3,000".

  B. Seo - Toyota
Saved "about $2,800" in just "3 days".

  F. Nawabi - BMW
Saved "$8,175, I have used it 4 times before, your service is phenominal - professional and thorough".

  B. Peroni - GMC
Saved $9,000" Found us doing an "Online-Search" and "Yes", recommends us to friends and relatives.

  Eric Hass - Toyota
Saved "at least $2,000", learned about us "on the radio" and "Already did" refer others to us!

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AAA Rated
Consumer Service

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